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We raise your food

Mark & Alexa live for sustainable agriculture, nurturing the land, and of course…riding beautiful mountain roads on two wheels. Their farmstead, nestled on winding roads in Southwest Grass Valley, was the perfect spot to hang their hats, and helmets. They’re working a nearly 2-acre plot using regenerative agriculture and permaculture principles.

While not certified organic (yet, it’s a big cost for a new farm!) they farm in alignment with organic principles, and exceed them whenever possible. No pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers (just manure, compost, and wood mulch here), and no GMOs.

They focus on heritage breeds of animals and plants, raised with biologically appropriate care. With their breadth of skills–a herbalist & permaculture savvy carpenter, combined with a sustainable agriculture minded biologist–this farmstead is the culmination of decades of study and care. And you know the outcome is downright delicious.

mark and alexa

Our Mission

“Good food takes time. Everything on our farmstead is given the time, and nurturing, it needs to become delicious, nutrient dense enrichment for your body.

No shortcuts. No cut corners.

It’s not always the easiest way, and takes curating patience when things don’t go as planned, but it’s the right way to create food worth eating. Good food is worth the wait.”

It’s a Lifestyle